The popular »Tour de Wiesbaden« ...

...offers an interesting sightseeing tour, and informs you about the capital of the Hessen state Wiesbaden, its history and stories. Gorgeously presented by the well-known radio personality Nick Benjamin. The complete "Tour de Wiesbaden" travel time amounts to (without interruption) approximately 55 minutes.

The tour starts at the "Marktplatz" station travelling by way of the well known "Rue". The engines with their 150 and 170 horespower engines then effortlessly climb up the "Geisberg".

At the Greek chapel (Russian-orthodox church) or at Nerotal (Talstation Nerobergbahn - Nerobergbahn valley station) you may interrupt your trip to explore the Wiesbaden Neroberg and continue it later on. The return route then travels along the Taunusstrasse, passes by the "Kochbrunnen" and "Quellenviertel" before arriving back at the terminal "Am Markt".

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The Route
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Bookings and further Information:

Tickets are valid for a round trip the whole day. A possible stop-over is included in the fee. Getting in again is only possible by available seats!
Bookings for groups of more than 8 persons and full-bookings at "Markt" station only!

Bookings : Tel.: 0611-589 394 64 or Email:

Our "THermine plus XL" package for more than 15 persons can be booked only by Wiesbaden-Marketing. Tel.: 0611-1729 702

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