Pyschotherapy Practice Schmalhofer & Potter

For Adults, Children & Adolescents.
Native English-speaking licensed psychotherapists

Preferred Provider
We are Tricare/ SOS International Preferred Providers. We also work with all other International medical aid companies such as Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Alliance, Aetna etc.
Our practice is located in a beautiful old building, just a 5 min. walk from the Kaiserslautern main railway station.
We offer confidential treatment for all DSM –IV Diagnoses and provide therapy to children, teenagers and adults in coping with all manners of life’s difficulties.
We also offer DUI Counseling following the revokement of one’s driving licence due to driving under the influence.
Evening appointments are available on request.
You can phone or mail us to make first contact and set up an appointment.
For the first 8 sessions Tricare /SOS clients do not require a referral.

Doris Schmalhofer
Clinical Psychologist
B. Sc. (CDN) M. A. (USA)

Tel.: 0631 - 277 53 32
E-mail: praxis.schmalhofer@ link)

Sebastian Potter
Clinical Psychologist
(M.Soc.Sc., South Africa)

Tel.: 0151 - 205 637 19 link)

Eisenbahnstrasse 68 · 67665 Kaiserslautern