At Optik Käpernick, the focus is always on the customer

  • Fashionable, state-of-the-art spectacle frames
  • Contact lenses
  • All members of staff are trained specialists
  • All members of staff attend further training to keep their knowledge up-to-date
  • Staff attend important trade fairs and conferences
  • Own workshop
  • Customer-friendly opening hours
  • Home visits possible for consultations and fitting of spectacles
  • Special spectacles and magnifying devices to help the visually impaired to read and watch TV
  • Visual Training

The future of seeing begins today

Experience a new way of seeing with i.Scription® optimized spectacle lenses from Carl Zeiss - the new prescription for better vision™

ZEISS customized spectacle lenses offer the perfect spectacles customized for your eyes

  • Identification of higher order aberrations using wavefront technology
  • Proprietary software program for individually optimized correction
  • Best possible image clarity and perception of contrasts in all visual situations
  • ZEISS Relaxed Vision® - A new definition of optimal sight
    See colors better • better contrast  • better night vision
    Precise, customized fitting optimized thanks to innovative ZEISS measuring instruments, the know-how of the optician, and high-quality ZEISS optical glass

    Why is this so important? Even small mistakes in fitting spectacles or less than perfect spectacle lenses can lead to up to 40% loss of ideal vision. Before the latest innovations, eyes had to fit the spectacles available. Now spectacle lenses can be made to fit the individual eye.

    Designer frames: Switch-it • Silhouette • TAGHeuer • MYKITA • Lindberg • Face a Face • DILEM • BOSS • GUCCI • CARRERA • Wissing - AERO - hand-made spectacle frames

    Contact lenses

    • Sleep & See Free - Overnight Contact Lenses
    • Daily lenses
    • Monthly lenses
    • Contact lenses especially for people with dry and sensitive eyes
    • Bifocal lenses
    • Contact lenses for sport
    • Contact lenses for astigmatism
    • Monthly payments possible
    • Bonus card for cleaning and storing solutions
    • Trial contact lenses

    Feel free - experience more with perfectly fitted contact lenses

    5 steps to perfect contact lenses - enjoy perfect vision without glasses

    • Call and make an appointment with the contact lens department: 0611 - 30 23 28
    • Together with a contact lens specialist decide on the correct type of contact lens for you and order your new contact lenses
    • Pick up your new contact lenses and learn how to insert and care for them
    • Test your new contact lenses - see the world with new eyes
    • First check-up after one week - your contact lens specialist checks whether everything is fine and if necessary makes adjustments

    Contact lens subscription - the advantages

    • free fitting included
    • regular control of your eyes and of your prescription
    • free substitute lenses for monthly lenses
    • 3-month’s worth of cleaning and storing solutions free with first subscription

    Optik Käpernick

    Optik Käpernick
    Langgasse 10
    65183 Wiesbaden

    Tel: 0611 - 30 18 94

    Email: · Internet: link)

    Tel. spectacle fittings
    Harold Koch: 0611 - 30 18 94

    Tel. contact lens fitting
    Andreas Unkelbach: 0611 - 30 23 28

    Mo-Fr: 9:15-19:30
    Sa: 9:15 - 19:00
    or by appointment: 0611 - 30 18 94

    The Team

    Manuela Koch
    Behavioral (functional) optometrist (WVOA)
    Consultation and fitting of magnifying devices for the visually impaired
    Visual Training

    Harald Koch
    Optometrist (ZVA)
    Specialist in magnifying devices for the visually impaired

    Andreas Unkelbach
    Optician (Dipl.-Ing.(FH))
    Contact Lens Specialist
    Head of the Contact Lens Department

    Bettina Thilow
    Contact Lens Assistant

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