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Despicable Me 2 - 2013
Villain-turned-devoted dad Gru (Steve Carell) and his mischievous Minions return to do battle with a mysterious mall-dwelling enemy who has stockpiled a diabolic serum that turns its victims into monstrous versions of themselves. Adding romance to the moreish mix is Lucy (Kristen Wiig), a ditsy special agent assigned to help Gru by the Anti-Villain League. It's a warm welcome back to an animated sequel that's less a cartoon adventure than an avalanche of cheeky sight gags, day-glo slapstick and neatly-drawn characters.

Jack the Giant Slayer - 2012
Fee fye foe fum, farm boy Jack (Nicholas Hoult) has a f-f-f-frighteningly big problem when his poor business sense leads to an invasion of man-eating giants from above the clouds. After watching his home disappear atop a beanstalk five miles high - taking the fair Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) with it - Jack joins the chief Palace guard (Ewan McGregor) on a perilous adventure to bring her back. A plot thickened with greed, revenge and plenty of ground bones helps X-Men director Bryan Singer add some fresh (and ugly) twists to the much-loved bedtime story.

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Love Is All You Need - 2012
Pierce Brosnan is back on romantic Italian soil as Philip, an unsociable English widower whose son is getting married at the old family villa in Sorrento. On the way, he bumps into the bride’s mother Ida (Trine Dyrholm), who could do with a break after finishing chemotherapy - and catching her husband with another woman. Questions of happiness, loyalty and family all come to the fore in this alluring but refreshingly frank love story from Danish Oscar-winner Susanne Bier.

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Promised Land - 2012
Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant and co-writing star Matt Damon re-team for this cautionary environmental tale. Oil company salesman Steve Butler (Damon) uses his small-town background to his advantage when he persuades poor rural towns to sign over the mineral rights beneath their homes for the controversial 'fracking' natural gas extraction method. However, he doesn't get it all his own way when the people of McKinley begin to have second thoughts after local high school teacher Hal Holbrook raises concerns. Nicely acted with Van Sant in mainstream, conventional mode, this has interesting things to say about corporate responsibility and the moral clout of local communities.

Bait - 2010
Jaws goes shopping in this Australian B-horror that sees a Queensland town hit by a freak tidal wave, leaving a handful of survivors trapped in a supermarket... with a 12-foot Great White shark. But with armed robber Julian McMahon among those desperate to escape the bloodbath, the finned fiend isn't the only villain. Clean-up to Aisle Four, please!

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