Gasthaus zur Krone - Mörlenbach

The Guest-house zur Krone was built in 1761. Up until 1840 the Krone was a post station offering a welcome rest and accommodation for the travellers as well as a change of horses for the post coaches. In the following years it was farmers and carters who would stop over on their way to deliver their produce and goods to the markets in Mannheim and Heidelberg.

Once discovered, visitors become spellbound by the Krone's special charm. Enjoy not only the well chosen specialties and tasty seasonal dishes but also the atmosphere and flair of the surroundings that has been carefuly cultivated over the years.

The owners and staff of the Krone have taken great care to create an ambience that will enchant their guests and those who look more closely will find lots of small details each of which have their own fascinating tale to tell.

Opening hours:
11:30 to 14:00 and 17:30 to 22:00
Tuesday and Wednesday

Gasthaus zur Krone
Family Helfrich-Little

Weinheimerstrasse 5
69509 Mörlenbach

Tel.: 0 62 09 - 42 89