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We specialize and focus on serving the Expat, Military, NATO, DoD & Diplomatic communities on a variety of services and products such as: home phone & internet, smartphones & mobiles, notebooks & tablets, satellite services and English TV.

Our aim is to provide the international community here in Germany with only one English speaking point of contact throughout the duration of their respective service contracts

Home Phone & Internet Services

We can setup your home or office phone & internet phone with the largest Telecommunications Provider in Germany and at no extra cost, when signing up through us, we will be your English speaking connection throughout your entire contract period with them.

Cell Phones & Mobile Plans

Receive exclusive additional benefits and special conditions on tariffs which can’t be found via any other sales agent or Telekom store. We can setup your cell phone(s) with one of the best and largest mobile network telecommunication providers in Germany, adding our English service at no extra cost to you.

English TV - TV-rental-BOX

Record, rewind and pause live TV! Series link and watch hours of your favorite TV shows! From Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Kids, Documentaries, etc. our TV-rental-Box packages offer hours of Entertainment for you and your family! We offer you access to these channels with our flexible, affordable TV-rental-Box packages.

Satellite Services

If you are looking for a fully qualified and insured installer to attend your home to carry out satellite services, we work together with a number of installers throughout Germany and The Netherlands, providing you with just one English speaking point of contact regarding your satellite service request.


If you are entitled to VAT Free purchases or services (military or diplomatic status customers), then payment for hardware purchases can be made free of German VAT using a VAT Form. We accept payments via credit card, cash or bank transfer. Please contact a member of our team if the item you need is not listed and for further information regarding the VAT Free procedure.

English Service & Support throughout Germany!

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