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inlingua Language School Wiesbaden

Language School Wiesbaden

Over 45 years of experience and a competent, mutually supportive international team ensure requirement-driven, efficient teaching, and just as importantly, classes with a pleasant learning environment.  As one of the leading language companies in the world with over 350 language schools in 44 countries, inlingua is one of the global players in high quality language services. Learning languages enhances your professional competence, expands your horizons, exposes you to other cultures, and promotes personality development.

inlingua language courses in Wiesbaden

We love languages - and you can tell!

Enjoyable learning means successful learning!

The days of mind-numbing rote learning and slaving over text books have long since passed. The inlingua method of learning makes lessons lively and modern. You benefit from over 45 years of inlingua experience and the know-how of an integrated network composed of over 350 inlingua schools worldwide. Role plays and an array of conversation exercises will actively engage you in the act of learning and will turn acquiring a foreign language into an enjoyable experience.

Individual attention instead of one size fits all

We find time for you! Just as important as professional language teaching is competent advice beforehand. Our qualified educational advisors provide for all your needs and can answer all your queries. We feel it is essential to find the time to listen to your concerns and work with you to put together a teaching concept that ideally suits your wishes, expectations and aims.

Learning in a relaxed atmosphere

We do everything to make you feel at home. Our modern, brightly lit and air-conditioned classrooms create the ideal learning environment and mean that you can devote your entire attention to your language course. Furthermore, we provide a hot drinks dispenser as well as free cold drinks. You can also log on to our free guest WLAN on all floors.

inligua translation services

Express to Impress

inlingua provides quality translation services, either certified or without certification, into and out of all widely used languages. Our translators are highly qualified with many years of experience in the field. They are usually officially appointed to the courts and sworn in or authorised.

You can count on us to reliably and punctually provide even the most complex of translation tasks,:
  • Documents, contracts, patent documents
  • Advertising texts, image brochures, websites, annual reports
  • Manuals, software, operating instructions

When transferring texts from one language into another we pride ourselves on taking into account the communicative intention of the translation in question: Should the text be as close to the original as possible or - going beyond the content - is sentence style, flow and choice of words intended to communicate a specific impression? This intention-dependent balance between accuracy and awareness of actual disired intent on the reader of the text is what determines the quality of a translation.


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