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inkwire is an interactive internet magazine with emphasis on TV & cable movie schedules & info, local news and events, concerts, leisure tips, regional business guide, travel & entertainment.

The content is presently divided into sections for:

  • Concerts & Events
  • TV Movie Schedules
  • TV Program Schedules
  • Motor News
  • Travel
  • Business Guide

Each section is updated on a regular basis. TV schedules for AFN, BBC Prime as well as English-language movie channels provided by TKS Cable TV or available via satellite are updated daily as are the Concert and Events calendars.

The Business Guide contains information on useful commercial services and companies who are particularly interested in selling their services or products to Americans and other English speakers.

Motor News provides reviews and up to the minute releases from the major car manufacturers.

The Travel section contains suggestions on what to see and where to go during a European stay. It also contains seasonal reports on Fests and trade fairs, gardens and amusement parks, holiday and leisure activities.

Banner Advertisements:
The Internet is a very flexible medium for advertisers. Advertisements can be placed in strategically targetted areas or pages on the site and adjusted to attain the maximum marketing effect.

All banner advertisements are equipped with URL or e-mail links and software to register impressions, hits and CTR percentages.

Advertising Rates

De-Luxe Business Guide Profile (without banners): €200 per year.
Includes business description, links & contact info + a Google Map for your location (Optional).


Masthead Banner: 468 x 68 pixels (approx. 120 x 18 mm)
Full site: on request.
Front page position: €168 per month
All other pages
€135 each (per page) per month

Leaderboards: 728 x 90 pixels
Front page position: €240 per month
All other pages €200 each (perpage) per month

Horizontal Banner: 468 x 68 pixels - center column
€45 each (per page) per month
€60 per month on front page and high-traffic pages
€98 per month top center column positon on high-traffic pages

Square Block 200 x 200 pixels (approx. 50 mm)
€45 each (per page) per month
€60 on front page

Banners can be placed on any available page.

The sizes indicated are intended as a guide. Other sizes are available on request.

Multiple banner contracts include a profle in the business guide. (*Except on Special Offers)

Prices are subject to change. This price list valid until December 2015.

Rates are net and subject to German MwSt/VAT where applicable.

All banner contracts will be invoiced immediately after banner is placed on the site. Payment is required within 10 days of receiving invoice.

No extra charges for traffic, links and click throughs. Impressions and hit counts, CTR% statistics available.
Anchor boards, custom ad sizes and special requirements are all possible.

We also offer our in-house internet design service for your advertising, please contact us for details.

If you would like more details about advertising with simply mail us at the address below and we'll contact you.

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