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"Life is movement and without movement, life does not take place!"

Experience fitness and health in many different forms on over 4000 m² in our spacious fitness center!

Climb on 8.50 m high walls with up to 80 different routes! Jump in the sand ditch to avoid an opponent's point, or just meet up with some friends for a round of badminton or squash!

In the fitness and health studio you can join us in experiencing your success! We supervise, accompany and motivate you from the beginning, through analysis, training plan creation and continuous training checks! Whether at the devices or in the course rooms - the fun and especially your well-being should not be missed!


When training in our fitness classes, one thing is certain: It's just fun!

Together with our instructors and other members you will learn and experience the most varied movements. There is something for every mood or situation. From trend-oriented courses such as zumba, through fitness courses such as cross-fitness and fat burners, to rehabilitation and prevention courses such as spine gymnastics or fit in the back. In our yoga class, for example, you can simply switch off and relax after a stressful day.

All in all, you can join us in over 40 classes per week and have fun with other members while doing something for your body!


The FunSportZentrum Kornwestheim offers hobby athletes as well as passionate badminton players the opportunity to prove their skills on our four badminton courts. The four badminton courts are available in all weather conditions. As with squash, badminton is not just about the sporty aspect, but also about the collective experience. Whether you want to play with a fixed game partner, in a team, with friends or family, we warmly invite you to come over to wind up with a few quick rallies.


Our beach area with its 350 m² is one of the largest beach facilities in the Stuttgart area. On our three beach volleyball fields you can enjoy the whole summer in good weather and enjoy the sun together with your friends in a great beach atmosphere until the evening hours.

The beach season is from April to October and offers you fun and beach feeling seven days a week: during the week from 9:00 to 21:00 and on weekends from 9:00 to 20:00.


We at the fitness and health studio of the SVK FunSportZentrum in Kornwestheim see ourselves as partners for a vital lifestyle. On two floors with a total of 500m² of training area, we offer you a variety of possibilities to work on your physical fitness: In addition to endurance training, coordination and agility training, functional training or classical strength training you as a member also have the possibility to put our extensive course offer (over 45 courses per week) to full use. Our trained team of fitness and health trainers are always on hand to advise and help you to define and achieve your personal health goals.


Just bring your kids to the training! While you are doing something for your health in one of our courses, your child is in good hands. In our childcare, your kids have plenty of opportunities to play, learn, get active and just have fun. Our qualified employees take care of them and make sure that your children feel at home in the SVK FunSportZentrum Kornwestheim.


Climbing fun in the SVK FunSport center. How do they say? The hall is calling! Well, before you venture high and conquer "real" steep walls, you should at least prepare properly. Our climbing wall provides you with 240 m² climbing surface with a maximum height of 8,50m the perfect conditions to train for the mountains and to work on your climbing technique: A total of 80 different climbing routes with different levels of difficulty are waiting to be conquered by you and will definitely bring you to your personal limit!


The SVK FunSportZentrum Kornwestheim offers recreational athletes as well as passionate squash players the opportunity to prove their skills on our four squash courts. Whether in rain, sunshine or snow, the front walls of our squash courts are just waiting to be properly played. In addition to the sporty aspect, squash also focuses on the shared experience. Whether you want to play with a fixed game partner, friends or family, the nimble rallying always provide suspense and definitely not boredom. Come by, power up and enjoy the dynamics of the game.


"What happens without rest is not permanent." - Ovid

That's true! After all, essential for maximum training success is also the right recovery after training. With us you have the opportunity right after training in our sauna area to relax properly. The sauna is not only good for the body.

What is more pleasant than a warm sauna after sports? In addition to a Finnish dry sauna (90 ° C - low humidity) you will find in our wellness area also a bio-sauna (60 ° C - high humidity). Between the sauna sessions, you can relax in the relaxation room or enjoy the fresh air on our cozy sauna balcony.

The best: Anyone who uses a sports offer in FunSportZentrum may visit our sauna area. No matter whether member or not.

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