Fish & Reptile - 2018

The dream habitat for all aquarium and terrarium hobbyists.

Welcome to Fish & Reptile 2018

From November 30 to December 2, Sindelfingen is once again the focus of the aquatic and terrarium scene. On these three days at Messe Sindelfingen, on a total of 6000m², traders and distributors from all over Europe present a vast range of fish, snakes, lizards, freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and accessories for the care for these fascinating, mysterious creatures.

Especially in the field of saltwater, "Fisch & Reptil" ("Fish & Reptile) is the leading information and trading platform and the traditional meeting place for saltwater enthusiasts both in and out of the country.

Aqua-terra symposium and workshops

Parallel to the sales exhibition, you'll find informative symposiums and workshops on freshwater, saltwater, and terrariums with renowned speakers. Entrance to the symposiums and workshops are included in the admission price. "Fisch & Reptil" is especially in the leading position in the field of saltwater. The annual meeting of saltwater patrons from all over Germany is here in Sindelfingen and has long since become an industry known tradition.

Focus on the Indo-Pacific

Reticulated pythons, sail lizards, many newly discovered reptile species ... A fascinating, diverse wildlife populates land and sea in the Indo-Pacific region. Our large special show with stage program brings you in touch with the incredible beauties and surprises from this undiscovered area.

Terrascaping competition:
"Australia - more than just red"

Once again this year, the Fish & Reptile invites all artists of terrarium design to the big Terrascaping Competition. On all three days of the fair, the participants will create their fantastic landscapes in front of the audience. This year's motto: "Australia - more than just red". We look forward to great individual scapes and are looking forward to the creative realization of this exotic theme. The winners will again be attracted by attractive "terraristic prizes" ... 

Crab City - crabs on the move!

They live in the sea, in fresh water and certainly on land:

Crabs are magical-beautiful creatures. Experience the amazing, colorful variety of the exciting sideways runners in the Crab City - a crawling fair highlight to amaze, learn and explore.

Aquascaping Live

Powerful, fairy-tale like and sometimes even crazy ... How to create a fascinating designed aquarium?

In our daily aquascaping live show, the best of the scene present their skills and reveal great tips and tricks.

The Shrimp Championship 2018

Clear the stage for the invertebrates! The 2018 shrimp championship is all about the most beautiful dwarf shrimp. In 150 pools, the private breeders compete again with their fascinating splendid specimens and present to the public the latest crossings in the most beautiful color variants. After the award on the Sunday of the fair, an auction will take place. The perfect opportunity to buy an award winning dwarf shrimp!

Information on registration for the competition:

Youth Program

A full program for young future aquarists and terrarium enthusiasts: the participating clubs at the Fish and Reptile are offering a full and diverse program and action to inspire the youth.

Painting contest: Another fair highlight awaits the aspiring fish and reptile fans!

Focus on Animal Welfare

Animal welfare and a species appropriate awareness - at the fish & reptile this year the focus is on competent advice on the optimal attitude to pets. For this reason, the exhibiting dealers, clubs and breeders once again set a clear accent on raising awareness when buying animals and offer highly qualified and competent expert advice.


Messe Sindelfingen GmbH & Co.KG · Mahdentalstr. 116 · 71065 Sindelfingen

Open daily: 10:00 - 18:00 · Admission Adults - € 10. Children under 15 Free