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DOG-InForm - dog school, dog obedience classes, training and help with behavioral problems, kennels, shop with food and accessories - DOG-InForm has whatever you need to keep - or to get - your dog in good shape.

Absolutely central at DOG-InForm - the wellbeing of your dog

Classes and workshops
  • Prevention and treatment of behavioral problems - with sympathy, understanding and competence
  • Individual, personalized solutions

Dog and owner - a team
Before a dog and its owner join group obedience classes, it is important to take at least one individual training session, so that the trainer can get to know the level of competence of a dog, how fast it learns, as well as its social behavior. Before this training can take place, there is always a consultation with the owner and if possible with all the people who will be involved in the daily care of the dog. The dog has the possibility to get to know the trainer during this first consultation without being forced to begin learning. The training that follows is much more effective after the trainer has got to know dog and owner better.

Dog owners are as individual as their dogs
It’s not just your dog that can learn - new owners in particular can also learn to understand their dogs better, and there are frequently new insights from research in canine science to be taught in DOG-InForm’s special seminars and workshops.

Obedience training for puppies and young dogs
Individual training is preferable for puppies and very young dogs but 30-minute classes for small groups of up to 5 puppies or 45-minute classes for a group of maximum 6 young dogs are available.

Training for dogs with behavioral problems
To correct problems such as aggression, fear or uncertainty, hunting or predatory behavior.

Social walks
Social walks lasting approximately one hour are offered once a week, on Saturdays, and can help younger or nervous dogs to accept other dogs in the vicinity. Social walks can also be "just for fun."

Climbing courses
Taking part in a climbing course intensifies communication between dog and owner and improves their relationship. Climbing is healthy and fun, both physically and mentally. It helps build strong muscles, helps hyperactive dogs relax, makes dogs more agile - mentally as well as physically fit. Courses of 10 hourly sessions for maximum 6 dogs.

doggie-fit! - sport for dogs
Originally developed as warm-up exercises for dog dancing routines, learning foot movements to music is fun for many dogs. Courses of 10 hourly sessions for maximum 10 dogs.

The Kennels

Important: your dog is not lonely, bored, or stressed while staying with DOG-InForm. The atmosphere is pleasant, hamonious, stress-free.

At DOG-InForm, the the utmost importance is given to ensuring that your dog does not suffer when away from his or her family, either physically or mentally, but that he or she is kept occupied and entertained.

All dogs have light, friendly rooms ... like at home. The kennels are directly beside the owners' family house, so that someone always keeps an eye and an ear open - day and night. Rooms are different sizes, to suit different sizes of dog, and two rooms can be interconnected if required. Each room has a 2-meter terrace with a roof in front of it, so that dogs that are not being exercised can decide for themselves whether to be inside or outside. Rooms have air conditioning and underfloor heating so they are never too hot in summer or too cold in winter.
Each dog has several exercise periods every day, with the possibilty of social contact with other dogs - depending on the individual needs of each and every dog.

It is essential to arrange a short visit before bringing your dog to stay at the kennels for the first times so that individual needs and requirements can be discussed. Call 0171-4094011 to arrange an appointment.

Dogs are fed at the times of day and with the type of dog food to which they are accustomed.

Caniversum Shop

Books, DVDs, videos
Accessories, toys and grooming tools
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The Team

Mirjam Cordt, founder and owner of DOG-InForm is a recognized expert in the fields of dog behavior and animal protection; she has published several books and is frequently invited to give lectures in Germany and abroad.
Co-trainer Britta Homann is not only trained in dog behavior but also in dog physiotherapy, dog nutrition, and natural health care for dogs.
All members of staff who work in the boarding kennels have been professionally trained and take care of the dogs under their care lovingly and competently.


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