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Dental Plus Practice Dr. G. Droege, Dr. B. Saneke & Partner

Dental Practice Dr. G. Droege,
Dr. B. Saneke & Partner

Egerstrasse 7
65205 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim

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Fax: 0611 - 72 13 -16
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Monday - Friday: 06:30 - 20:30
Saturday: 09:00 - 15:00

Dr. Bernhard Saneke

Dr Droege
Endodontics, Periodontics

Mirwais Khalilullah
Periodontics and Oral Surgery

Dr Reichardt
Prosthetics and Conservation Dentistry

You, the patient, are the most important person at Dental Plus. Your teeth are as individual as you are.

The Dentalplus team hope not just to satisfy but to exceed your expectations.
Your smile is one of your greatest personal assets.
The team at Dentalplus know that healthy and attractive teeth are a very important factor contributing to your health and quality of life. Many studies have shown that people with attractive smiles are more successful, in every walk of life.

At your first consultation, there is always a complete oral examination followed by comprehensive discussion of possible treatment. Great emphasis is placed on gentle, sensitive treatment.

Comprehensive dental care under one roof
From oral hygiene through implants to gentle dental treatment under general anaesthesia. Crowns, bridges, dentures and other dental products are made by master technicians in Dentalplus’s own dental laboratory, Dentalplus-Lab AG, according to the very highest standards.

Regular checkups and treatment - because your own teeth are always the best!
Only very few people never get caries. For most of us regular tooth inspection and repair are essential to prevent loss of teeth. Treatments include fillings and inlays, as well as root canal procedures.

Prophylaxis and care of the teeth
Teeth and gums need regular care to stay healthy. At home, with a good toothbrush and dental floss as well as professional cleaning in the dental practice.

Crowns, bridges, dentures, partial dentures, implants.

Implants - the most natural way of replacing damaged or missing teeth
Implants are made of titanium, which bonds well with the underlying bone, like a natural tooth. Implants can be made for an individual tooth, or to reconstruct an entire set of teeth.

Esthetic and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics
Bleaching, veneers, bonding,esthetic fillings, teeth straightening with dental braces.

Pain-free treatment
Local anesthesia, music and video, hypnosis, full anesthesia.

The most modern techniques
Laser, low-dosage x-ray, medical microscope, dental loupes.

Children's dentistry
Prophylaxis is particularly important for children, guaranteeing not only better teeth throughout the child's lifetime but also no bad experiences at the dentist's. The Dental Plus team do their very best to ensure that a child's visit to the dentist is a pleasant experience so that he or she is happy to visit the dentist.

The team
Thanks to its many satisfied patients, the Dental Plus team has grown since 2000 so that it is now one of the largest and above all most modern detal practices in Germany. The team currently consists of more than 45 members of staff, including 8 dentists, 3 anesthesiologists, 4 dental hygienists and many specialists who can answer questions about health insurance.

How to find us:

The practice is located approximately 1 mile from Wiesbaden Army Airfield with ample parking available in front of the building.