Kristall Guth

The largest crystal-selection in the Rhein-Main-Area.
Special-offers for Nachtmann, Waterford and Swarovski Crystal, large collection of chandeliers, tax-free sales.
Crystal glass carvers, cutters and engravers.
Three generations of master craftsmen

The original Guth Crystal Factory was founded by Heinrich Guth in 1928 in Sudetenland (now Czech Republik). After the original Crystal Factory was destroyed during WWII, it was rebuilt in 1962 by Herbert Guth in the Kohlheck suburb of Wiesbaden. Even today all carving, cutting, engraving and polishing is done entirely by hand ensuring premium perfection and quality. Supplies of the raw crystal are obtained from the Nachtmann company in Bavaria, the most important supplier of lead crystal in Germany.

Kristall Guth is one of the last crystal glass companies in Germany to carry out all production work by hand, so that even the most detailed customer wish can be fulfilled. The finest carving and the most intricate cutting and engraving can be achieved. Vases, bowls, drinking glasses and bottles - almost any form of glassware – can be carved and adorned to the most exacting customer specifications. The company has sufficient capacity to ensure that all orders however extensive can be delivered on time. Smaller assignments will often be done on the spot.

Now Joachim Guth, third-generation master craftsman and Herbert Guth’s son, has taken over the traditional family business. Like his father and grandfather, Joachim Guth is a master of the fine art of cutting crystal in the traditional time-honored manner.

In the Guth company’s workshop, the first stage in the process of producing fine glass crystal is to draw the basic design using a grinding machine with diamond blades. During this process the crystal is continuously cooled with water to ensure that the heat does not damage it. Craftsmen then finish off the design work by hand. When the design is complete, the crystal then has to be polished in an acid bath. For this process, the crystal is packed very carefully and sent to a specialist company, the Nachtman company in Bavaria. The acid bath procedure is no longer carried out in the Guth company’s own workshop for  environmental reasons. After polishing, the crystal is returned to the Guth workshop where master craftsmen add the final touches – flawless perfection in glass crystal.

Crystal Factory Guth - always the right address for noble, hand-cut crystal as well as a large and varied assortment of reasonably priced crystal glassware.

Guth Crystal Factory
Krähenweg 8
65199 Wiesbaden - Kohlheck

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Opening times:
Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Saturdays 09:00 - 14:00 hrs.
or please phone for an appointment. Tel. 0611 - 463 104