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29th June to 14th July 2018
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Fri. 05.10.2018 München Olympiahalle
Mon. 08.10.2018 Köln Lanxess Arena
Sat. 13.10.2018 Hamburg Barclaycard Arena

Cafe Saxophone

Who’s in charge, you or the saxophone?

Pete Thomas Taming two saxophones

Pete Thomas: Taming not one, but two saxophones
Photo: ©Simon Warren · Concept: Marcelle Ben Haque

Pete Thomas is a professional session player and TV/Film composer who has featured and recorded for REM, Elton John, Joe Jackson, Richard Thompson, Fats Domino, Jimmy Witherspoon and many more. All profit from the Taming the Saxophone store is donated to charity.

You be the boss with the ultimate saxophone learning experience

Learn about the saxophone: how to start out if you are a beginner or how to improve if you are already more advanced. Learn how to speed up your fingering, control your tone and gain versatility.

Find out about extending your range into the stratosphere with altissimo or how to amaze your friends, family and neighbours with special effects. You can also learn the nitty gritty about jazz theory, improvisation and composing.

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Summer in the City Concerts in Mainz 2018

“Summer in the City” revolves completely around the series of open air concerts in Mainz Zollhafen, the former customs harbor, and other extraordinary event locations. With the north harbour mole directly by the Rhine, Mainz has an exceptional location, making every concert a quite special experience.

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