Blumen Janke

More than just flowers and plants

Our horticultural business offers a variety of services around the house and garden.

Your specialist shop for:

  • Garden design and care
  • Grave design and care
  • Plants for home & garden
  • Orchid special cultures
  • Weddings and bereavement
  • Timely floristry
  • Fleurop service
  • and much more!

About us:

Blumen Janke have stood for reliable services in the horticultural sector for many years.

The team with the managing director Rainer Janke will be pleased to advise you with individually tailored solutions and ensure the perfect design of your garden.

A large part of our nursery is dedicated to the orchids. In addition to plants for the windowsill, we also cultivate exotics for the lover. There is something for everybody. Not only orchids from the distant rainforest, but also native wild orchids.

We also offer the complete all-inclusive package. Starting with the planter (pot, basket or truss wood) to fertilizer and plant substrates up to professional care instructions. Our service also includes repotting your orchid.

Floristry - Timely floristry for every occasion

Our florists are happy to help. Whether with a bunch of flowers, with table decorations or just with a rose, elegantly bound with little greenery.

We plan the complete room decoration for your reception, the festive family reunion or your big event.

Wedding floristry

Together with our qualified staff, you can plan your wedding jewelry, from the small bouquet, to the bridal car, to the flower arrangement on your festive table.

Funeral flowers

Even on sad occasions, we are happy to help you with the planning and design.

House and garden


In our greenhouses, we cultivate a large variety of plants.

Everything from Mediterranean olive trees to spring and summer flowers as well as plants for the window sill and table decoration.

  • Flowering houseplants
  • Green plants
  • Bedding and balcony plants
  • Vegetables
  • Orchids, hybrids, natural forms and own breeds
  • Soils, fertilizer, pots and much, much more.


You want to redesign your garden, but don't quite know how? You have come to the right place. We plan your garden design together with you.

We put your wishes and ideas into action.

We also take care of tombs and their care, support you with the right choice of shrubs or ground cover.

Here is a small selection of our services:

  • Garden and care
  • Grave and care
  • Installation and maintenance of the green areas at company buildings
  • Supply and installation of fence systems
  • Cost-effective delivery service
  • Innenraumbegrünung
  • Hydroponics Service
  • Wintering of plants
  • Expert advice
  • Lawns arranging
  • Tree Cutting


In our nursery you can expect a colorful variety of flowers and plants. From amaryllis to cypresses to fertilizers and plant pots, there's certainly something for you too!

Particularly noteworthy is the wide range of orchids and accessories!

How to find us:

Blumen Janke, Mackenbacher Straße 72, 67685 Weilerbach

Telephone: 06374 / 991 99 - 0 • Fax: 06374 / 991 99 - 29

E-Mail: info@blumen-janke.deInternet:

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 18:00, Saturday: 09:00 to 13:00, Sunday 10:00 to 12:00