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Volvo • Jaguar • Land Rover - Diplomat, Military and Expatriate Sales

Auto Pieper offers Military, Diplomat and Expatriate Sales of Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

It's not always easy to buy a new car. Especially in a foreign country where the local language and customs may be different from back home and perhaps confusing.

And it's not just buying a new car; you also have to know how to register it, how to organize insurance, and what to do with the car when you leave.

Auto Pieper has been helping Americans buy, register and insure new cars for over 35 years and thus is very well-placed to help with choosing a new vehicle, with dealing with all the paperwork -- and even with shipping the vehicle back to the U.S. when you return.

Auto Pieper was founded in 1969. At that time Auto Pieper was selling Volvo cars on the German market. Then in 1971, the Volvo Military Sales program started, so that Auto Pieper has been selling Volvos to American service members for over 35 years. Land Rover and Jaguar Military Sales programs were added later.

Owner and general manager Carla Pieper has been personally involved in the military sales program from the very beginning; she still has contacts to people who bought their Volvos from her more than 20 years ago.

Auto Pieper staff are committed to serving customers, and indeed look upon customers as friends. Auto Pieper staff know that they have to earn your business.

• New vehicles as well as demo and stock cars • Test drives

Whether you choose to take delivery close to home in mainland Europe or to pick up your new vehicle as a VIP guest at Volvo's Factory Delivery Center in Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, one of the advantages of being stationed in Europe is being able to purchase a luxurious Volvo at a special military price.

Deployed or TDY? You still qualify for the military sales program if you are deployed or on TDY; you can order a new Volvo and have it waiting for you on your return.

Stateside delivery of your new Volvo to a Volvo dealer of your choice is a free option when you purchase a new Volvo.

The Jaguar U.S. Military Sales program is open to all U.S. military personnel (including DoD civilians holding an active duty ID card) stationed outside the U.S.A. It offers you the chance to save money on a new U.S.-specification Jaguar when compared to the U.S. M.S.R.P.

Taking advantage of your tax-free status is easy, an experience sales team is there to help.

And when it comes to returning to the U.S., Jaguar can arrange to have your Jaguar shipped home where you will be fully supported by the Jaguar dealer network in the U.S.

The program includes U.S. 4-year / 50,000 miles factory limited warranty and European Roadside Assistance at no extra cost.

The Land Rover U.S. Military Sales Program is open to all U.S. military personnel stationed outside the USA. It offers you the chance to save money on a new U.S.-specification Land Rover compared to the U.S. M.S.R.P.

Taking advantage of your tax-free status couldn't be easier. An experienced sales team is ready to help you every step of the way, from choosing the right vehicle, to delivery and beyond.

And when it comes to returning home to the United States, Land Rover can arrange to have your Land Rover shipped home where you'll be fully supported by the Land Rover dealer network.

Locations catering to the Stuttgart / Vilseck / Hohenfels /Grafenwoehr and surrounding areas

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