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More than 50 years experience in the restoration and sales of antiques and collector's items
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    of Antiques

    in perfect condition
    at discount prices
  • • VAT forms accepted
    • Interest free layaway
    • Credit cards accepted

    • Free storage for reserved goods
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    • Weekly new pieces

  • • Furniture restoration
    • Clock repair
    • Appraisals
    • Value certifications

    • Professional advice

    • Long lasting customer relations

  • We offer you a variety of exclusive antiques, exceptional art objects and rare ancient collector's items.
Do you appreciate a stylish, superior ambience, arising from extra-ordinary antiques from historical artists of past eras which provide that certain something. Or do you prefer to invest your capital in assets which are protected from inflation, profitable and additionally tax-free. No matter what your desire is, you have come to the right place.
Our decisive advantage, we want to pass our low expenses to you as the buyer of our items. We avoid high costs for expensive staff and overpriced location and store equipment costs. We are anxious that you as buyer benefit from our low prices and from our superior service. Should you be offered a comparable item at a reduced rate somewhere else, please just tell us.
Furthermore you get a detailed explanation of how to establish and remove your antique piece of furniture, and what you have to look after during later transport. We put our products together in a technically correct manner in your rooms. Of course we also explain to you how to wind up and set clocks. We also give you an explanation on how to maintain the perfect condition of your antiques and what you have to beware of if you clean your items.
We hope that you enjoy our collection of products as much as we hope that you get in touch with us for the first time or once more.
We look forward to see you soon!


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54329 Konz

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And by telephone appointment.

Opened on US public holidays.
Closed on German public holidays.

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