Leisure Tips & Amusement Parks in Germany.

The amusement parks are all easy to get to and many of them offer special discounted tickets via the USO.

Taunus Wunderland

Enjoy a day out at Taunus Wunderland

A host of fun attractions awaits the whole family at the Wonderful Taunus Wunderland


Taunus Wunderland amusement park is located in the Taunus hills, in the pretty spa town of Schlangenbad, close to Wiesbaden and about half an hour’s drive from Frankfurt.

A host of rides for all ages
There’s a whole variety of rides, to suit different ages and temperaments: from fast, adventurous, scary to more gentle, magical, mysterious. Even the smallest child will enjoy a carousel ride, being a pirate, playing on a climbing frame, or challenging dad to a water fight. American Indians paddle their kayaks, dragons hide behind giant boulders, ghosts are lurking in the haunted house!

For the most adventurous, those who dare can plunge more than 22 meters down a giant water slide, the Wildwasserbahn. Who’s brave enough to ride the pirate ship, too scary for me? Listen to the screams! Or the Silberpfeil, the highest slide in the whole of Hessen. Or the Big Scooter, only for those who love the thrill of speed.

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LEGOLAND® Deutschland

LEGOLAND® Deutschland - over 50 million LEGO bricks.

Attractions include:
• LEGO® X-TREME, where everything is higher, faster and action-packed.
• ADVENTURE LAND is hidden in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by trees and undergrowth, wild animals and fantastic creatures – all made of LEGO® bricks.
• KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM is in a giant castle, where a fire-breathing dragon lurks.
• LEGO® CITY has an airport and a harbor with aircraft and boats.
• PIRATE LAND is a world of buccaneers and corsairs taking part in Captain Nick’s Splash Battle.

LEGOLAND® Deutschland will be open from April 6, 2019 from 10 am until 6 pm. Longer opening hours apply on weekends, during vacation time and on public holidays.

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LEGOLAND® Deutschland is located in Bavaria, approximately 90 minute’s drive from both Munich and Stuttgart.

LEGOLAND® Deutschland, LEGOLAND Allee, 89312 Günzburg
Tel.: 0180 5 700 757 01
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Europa Park

Europa Park is divided into several different areas, mostly named after European countries or regions, such as Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, or Russia.

Attractions include:

  • A themed area called Iceland which features a megacoaster with catapult start, and an Icelandic landscape with rugged rock formations and a colorful fishermen's village.
  • Magic Cinema 4D

Europa-Park tickets are available from USO Rhein-Neckar.

Europa-Park, Europa-Park-Strasse 2, 77977 Rust
Tel.: 07822-770
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Holiday Park Hassloch

Holiday Park, the big entertainment park in the middle of Germany, is visited each year by more than one million visitors. It is approximately 20 minutes by car from Mannheim, 30 minutes from Heidelberg, one hour from Ramstein.

Favorite rides include:

  • Expedition GeForce, which has been voted “the best roller coaster in the world!” four times in a row by Internet Coaster Poll
  • Lighthouse Tower, Germany's tallest carousel
  • Free Fall Tower, the ultimate adrenalin-rush: Europe's first Free Fall Tower
  • Superwirbel, Germany’s Cult-Coaster

Looking for great deals for Holiday Park tickets? All U.S. military personnel in Germany can get big discounts on regular Holiday Park admission tickets at the local USO offices. USO Rhein-Neckar, USO Stuttgart and USO Kaiserslautern.

Holiday Park, Holiday-Park-Strasse 6, 67454 Hassloch
Tel: 06324 5993 900
www.holidaypark.de(external link)

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Zoo Kaiserslautern

Dynamikum Science Center - Pirmasens

Tinkering, experimenting and lots of fun

Don't touch? Not in Dynamikum!
Who hasn't been to museums where you're requested to walk through quietly and are only allowed to observe the exhibits from a distance?

In the Dynamikum Science Center in Pirmasens, it's very different! Here you are encouraged to explore the 160 exhibits hands on to your hearts content and experience the fascinating phenomena of science and technology.

The overriding theme is "movement" - whether it be in the sense of to set something in motion or simply to move. Consequently there's a lot of great things to discover in the 4,000 square meters of exhibition area: Who wants to run a race with an elephant? Ever tried to roll a ball uphill? How would it be, to find yourself in place of the sun at the center of our solar system?

For more info: Dynamikum

Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany used to be known as Warner Bros. Movie World. However since 2005 it has been named Movie Park Germany. The old Warner Bros. licences have now been replaced by new ones from studios such as MGM, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks.

Attractions include:

  • Hollywood Street Set, with Shrek 4-D– Effect cinema and a Crazy Action Stunt Show
  • New York City, with a New York Broadway Show
  • Nickland, with SpongeBob and his friends
  • The Old West
  • Santa Monica Pier

Movie Park is open from 26 March through 31 October. Between 6 September and 7 October it is closed Monday through Wednesday, open Thursday thorugh Sunday.
Tickets are available from USO Rhein-Neckar.

Movie Park Germany Warner Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop-Kirchhellen
www.movieparkgermany.de(external link)


Phantasialand is located in Brühl, south-west of Cologne.

For details of all attractions, opening times, accomodation information and more please visit the Phantaialand English language website:

www.phantasialand.de(external link)

Phantasialand · Berggeiststrasse 31-41 · 50321 Brühl