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Wednesday October 14

00:00 Mister Roberts

Prod Year 1955 - As the war in the Pacific draws to a close, Naval Officer Mister Roberts sits on the sidelines aboard a run-down-supply ship under a tyrannical commanding officer. This absolutely great yarn about one man's efforts to get into action before the war passes him by for good.

02:30 The Fighting Seabees

Prod Year 1944 - A morale-boosting tribute to the US Navy's Construction Battalions who followed behind the troops invading Pacific islands held by the Japanese to build runways, roads and bridges. Wedge Donovan is the civilian head of a construction company approached by the Navy to train their men as specialists. Instead, the impetuous Donovan wants to prove his crew are up to the job, but they are shot up by the Japanese.

04:30 Crimson Tide

Prod Year 1995 - After the Cold War, a breakaway Russian republic with nuclear warheads becomes a possible worldwide threat. U.S. submarine Capt. Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman) signs on a relatively green but highly recommended Lt. Cmdr. Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington) to the USS Alabama, which may be the only ship able to stop a possible Armageddon. When Ramsay insists that the Alabama must act aggressively, Hunter, fearing they will start rather than stop a disaster, leads a potential mutiny to stop him.

06:30 Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase

Prod Year 2001 - When Scooby-Doo and the gang try to capture the Phantom Virus, they are accidentally transported into a video game based on their own Mystery, Inc. adventures. While pursuing the Phantom Virus through the game's ten outrageous levels, the gang travels from the prehistoric past to the space-age future and even tangles with a hair-raising horde of virtual villains from their most famous capers!

08:00 ES.TV

08:30 Access Hollywood

09:00 Hidden Moon

Prod Year 2012 - The son of a wealthy man whose funeral is disrupted by the presence of a mysterious Latin American woman, sets out to salvage his family's reputation by figuring out the exact nature of the woman's relationship with his deceased father. His search brings him all the way down to Mexico, where he's shocked to find that while uncovering her identity, he has also fallen in love with a woman who belongs to someone else.

11:30 X-Men

Prod Year 2000 - Two mutants come to a private academy for mutants whose resident superhero team must oppose a powerful mutant terrorist organization.

13:30 Finding a Family

Prod Year 2011 - Alex (Jared Abrahamson) has a passion for learning, instilled by his loving single mother, Ileana (Kim Delaney) who has a doctorate degree and speaks six languages. When Alex was 10-years-old, Ileana had a life-altering car crash that left her struggling with bouts of anger and depression, so much so that a family court judge deemed her unfit to parent Alex further. The one constant in his life is school. When Alex’s transportation funding ends, he discovers he’s about to be assigned to a foster family outside the school district that can provide stability and a curriculum that can get him into an Ivy League university. Alex is left with only one option: in order to avoid being assigned outside the high school he loves, he must find a new mom and dad.

15:00 3 Times a Charm

Prod Year 2011 - Straight-laced teen Emma (Lexi Giovagnoli) faces a difficult moral dilemma when her longtime crush Chris (Carlos Marks) asks her to help him cheat on a final so he won't lose his football scholarship. Later, when a grateful homeless woman bestows the selfless Emma an enchanted necklace with the power to reveal the outcome of her actions, the conflicted teen has three chances to see how her future will unfold should she agree to help the handsome athlete cheat.

16:30 Arachnoquake

Prod Year 2012 - A hive-based species of giant blind spiders which inhabit a gas-filled subterranean complex of caverns near New Orleans. Once released by an earthquake, the hostile creatures readily attack the city. Curiously, they not only operate in an eusocial hive system under the reign of the humongous queen; but also seem to possess a telepathic hive mind, to such an extent that once the queen is killed, every drone in the hive will immediately perish as well.

18:00 Mark at the Movies

18:30 Access Hollywood

19:00 Lavalantula

Prod Year 2015 - A washed-up action star from the 1990s tries to be a hero in real life, fighting off a monstrous swarm of giant lava-breathing tarantulas that have erupted out of ancient volcanoes in the Santa Monica Mountains and are leaving a fiery path of death and destruction across Los Angeles.

20:30 Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

Prod Year 2012 - A successful, wealthy businessman, Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) has always done what's expected of him, whether it's assuming the helm of his father's company, tolerating his brother's misbehavior at the office or planning to marry his beautiful but restless fiancée, Natalie (Gabrielle Union). But Wesley is jolted out of his predictable routine when he meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a down-on-her-luck single mother who works on the cleaning crew in his office building. When he offers to help her get back on her feet, the chance encounter with someone so far outside his usual circle ignites something in Wesley. This one good deed may finally spark his courage to exchange the life that's expected of him for the life he's always really wanted.

22:30 Blair Witch Project

Prod Year 1999 - Found video footage tells the tale of three film students (Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams) who've traveled to a small town to collect documentary footage about the Blair Witch, a legendary local murderer. Over the course of several days, the students interview townspeople and gather clues to support the tale's veracity. But the project takes a frightening turn when the students lose their way in the woods and begin hearing horrific noises.

Thursday October 15

00:00 Let's Be Cops

Prod Year 2014 - Two struggling pals dress as police officers for a costume party and become neighborhood sensations. But when these newly-minted "heroes" get tangled in a real life web of mobsters and dirty detectives, they must put their fake badges on the line.

02:00 88 Minutes

Prod Year 2007 - Jack Gramm --a college professor and occasional forensic psychologist for the FBI--finds himself in a race against time when he receives a mysterious phone call telling him he has exactly 88 minutes left to live.

04:00 Absence Of Malice

Prod Year 1981 - When a prosecutor leaks a false story that a liquor warehouse owner is involved in the murder of an union head, the man's life begins to unravel.

06:00 White Lion

Prod Year 2010 - According to the legend of the Shangaan, white lions are the messengers of the gods, but it has been years since one has been seen in their remote African valley. When a white lion is miraculously born into that valley, a young Shangaan named Gisani, finds himself destined to protect this rare and magnificent creature at all costs.

08:00 Mark at the Movies

08:30 Access Hollywood

09:00 Aaliyah: The Princess of R & B

Prod Year 2014 - The story of music and video star Aaliyah, whose life ended tragically in a 2001 plane crash in the Bahamas.

10:30 40 Year Old Virgin

Prod Year 2005 - 40 year old Andy Stitzer has gone his entire life without being with a woman in bed. His friends at the electronics store where he works as an inventory clerk want to correct that situation. They make it their mission to find Andy a woman.

12:30 Meddling Mom

Prod Year 2013 - Carmen, a widow, is happier to intrude on her daughter?s love lives than start one of her own, but Yolanda and Ally are tired of their mother?s meddling and start scheming to set Carmen up with Luis, a handsome ballroom dance teacher who?s crush on Carmen is no secret. Can Carmen finally stop meddling and get a life of her own?

14:00 Night at the Museum

Prod Year 2006 - A newly recruited night security guard at the Museum of Natural History discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on display to come to life and wreak havoc.

16:00 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Prod Year 2009 - Security guard Larry Daley infiltrates the Smithsonian Institution in order to rescue Jedediah and Octavius, who have been shipped to the museum by mistake.

18:00 ES.TV

18:30 Access Hollywood

19:00 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Prod Year 2014 - Larry spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever.

21:00 Sleeping With the Fishes

Prod Year 2013 - A woman's journey of self-discovery and the dynamics of her zany family.

23:00 Project Greenlight

Friday October 16

00:00 Neighbors

Prod Year 2014 - After they are forced to live next to a fraternity house, a couple with a newborn baby do whatever they can to take them down.

02:00 Air Force

Prod Year 1943 - The crew of an Air Force bomber arrives in Pearl Harbor in the aftermath of the Japanese attack and is sent on to Manila to help with the defense of the Philippines.

04:30 Ali

Prod Year 2002 - A biography of sports legend, Muhammad Ali, from his early days to his days in the ring.

07:00 Shrek

Prod Year 2001 - An ogre, in order to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying donkey in order to bring a princess to a scheming lord, wishing himself King.

09:00 Midnight Masquerade

Prod Year 2014 - A beautiful, young business woman inherits her father's billion-dollar candy company and searches to find romance in the mysterious, handsome "prince" she danced with at a Halloween costume ball.

10:30 50 First Dates

Prod Year 2004 - Henry falls in love with Lucy, a woman with short-term memory loss. Therefore, Lucy never remembers Henry and he has to gain her back every day.

12:30 Bridal Wave

Prod Year 2015 - As her wedding day draws near, Georgie Dwyer has doubts surrounding her plans to marry Dr. Phillip Hamilton, a dashing and prominent plastic surgeon. Though Phillip qualifies as the "perfect" fiancé, Georgie feels a romantic spark is missing in their relationship. Tensions rise even further when Phillip's sophisticated mother, Felice, blatantly frowns upon Georgie's working class origins. On the picturesque island, Georgie keeps finding herself in chance encounters with Luke Griggs, a handsome ex-architect, who walked away from a high-end architectural firm to enjoy a simple, no-frills life. When an undeniable chemistry develops between Georgie and Luke, Georgie must decide if she's going to move ahead with her rapidly approaching marriage to Phillip.

14:00 All the President's Men

Prod Year 1976 - Reporters Woodward and Bernstein uncover the details of the Watergate scandal that leads to President Nixon's resignation.

16:30 16 Wishes

Prod Year 2010 - A girl makes a secret wish list to celebrate her 16th birthday and is astonished when they begin coming true, until one desire goes horribly awry and changes everything.

18:00 Behind the Screams

Handsome Devil - When two young women disappear from a lakeside beach, investigators have nothing to go on. But as bodies begin to surface and more women go missing, shocking similarities in the cases come to light.

19:00 Tut

Part 1 - Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's reign finds young Tut trying to wrest control of his kingdom while eliminating those who conspire against him.

20:30 Tut

Part 2 - Amidst the Mitanni plot to conquer Egypt, Tut deals with a deadly illness spreading through the kingdom and an unexpected betrayal from his inner circle.

22:00 Tut

Part 3 - Tut sets out to achieve total victory against the Mitanni, and must destroy the last of his enemies within the palace to secure his place in history.

23:30 21 Jump Street

Prod Year 2012 - A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring.

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