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The AFN family-oriented programming includes shows, cartoons, and movies. Daytime shows for toddlers and evening programs for teens

Sunday September 24

16:00 Sing

Prod Year 2016 - In a city of humanoid animals, a hustling theater impresario's attempt to save his theater with a singing competition becomes grander than he anticipates even as its finalists' find that their lives will never be the same.

18:00 America's Funniest Home Videos

19:00 Girl Meets World

Girl Meets Brother - Cory and Topanga let Riley baby sit Auggie for the first time so they can celebrate their anniversary; Riley asks for Maya's help and Auggie stages a rebellion.

19:30 Girl Meets World

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays - The Matthews clan hosts holiday dinner; Riley's grandparents and her Uncle Joshua come over, while Topanga stresses about her cooking skills; Corey's best friend Shawn sees his likeness in Maya and bonds with Riley.

20:00 Once Upon a Time

The Final Battle (Pt. 1) - Henry awakens to a cursed Storybrooke where Emma is in the mental hospital, and the Black Fairy is the new mayor; Gold tries to find out what has happened to Belle; Snow, Charming, Regina, Zelena and Hook try to escape the crumbling Fairy Tale Land.

21:00 The Challenge: Invasion

22:00 The Challenge: Invasion

23:00 WAGS Miami

Hencha's Revenge - In the wake of their huge fight, Hencha gets revenge on Astrid; Ashley dreads breaking the news to her opinionated soon-to-be mother-in-law that they will have a destination wedding.

Monday September 25

00:00 Botched

It's Called Bimbofication - Paul and Terry get schooled on bimbofication; a woman is wanting her seventh breast enhancement.

01:00 90 Day Fiance

The Couples Tell All - Season 2's six couples reunite to discuss their emotional journeys and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

02:00 The Vampire Diaries

Fifty Shades of Grayson - Damon is forced to deal with a part of his past he thought was gone forever when Dr. Wes unleashes a secret weapon to stop him from rescuing Elena. Meanwhile, Elena learns about the dark history of Whitmore College; and Katherine turns to Matt for help.

03:00 The Originals

Dead Angels - When a powerful weapon that could take down the Mikaelsons for good ends up in the wrong hands, Klaus finds himself in a tense standoff with an unlikely foe. Meanwhile, Elijah's attempt to reclaim control of The Strix leads to a violent showdown and the emergence of a potential new leader. Elsewhere, when a new coven of witches tries to influence Davina into helping them locate the elusive weapon, she quickly realizes she may be in over her head.

04:00 The 100

The Other Side - Clarke faces the consequences of her fateful choice.

05:00 Blues Clues

05:30 Blues Clues

06:00 The Wonder Pets

06:30 The Wonder Pets

07:00 Play with Me Sesame

07:30 Play with Me Sesame

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Mutt & Stuff

09:30 Paw Patrol

10:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10:30 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

11:00 Dora the Explorer

11:30 Dora the Explorer

12:00 Bubble Guppies

12:30 Bubble Guppies

13:00 Tickety Toc

13:30 Tickety Toc

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Phineas & Ferb

15:30 The Fairly OddParents

16:00 Looney Tunes Show

16:30 Wander Over Yonder

17:00 Every Witch Way

Magic Fight Club - Emma and Maddie have a fight in which they use their powers, and the principal sees them. Meanwhile, Katie realizes that both Diego and Mac like her.

17:30 Victorious

Jade Dumps Beck - Beck becomes friends with a beautiful female teenage socialite, which does not sit well with Jade, so Jade dumps Beck.

18:00 Jessie

What a Steal - Jessie takes Ravi to a MENSA meeting to help him make friends; his new pals Madeline and Scott might be too good.

18:30 Haunted Hathaways

Haunted Volleyball - Frankie struggles to shine on her volleyball team until Ray assists her. However, when Louie tries to repeat the favor, it does not go smoothly, and Frankie's forced to rely on her own skills.

19:00 The Middle

Adult Swim - After discovering that he doesn't have a decent suit to wear for upcoming business interviews, Frankie is thrilled when Axl agrees to let her take him shopping to help him pick out a suit; and when Mike threatens to do away with the family summer pool if Sue and Brick don't start using it, they begin to worry that he and Frankie may take even more things away from around the house from their childhood that they don't use anymore as they edge towards adulthood.

19:30 The Middle

Clear And Present Danger - Frankie searches for Axl's misplaced graduation gift; Sue decides to make a video for Mike's upcoming birthday; Cindy embarrasses Brick by defending him to a bully.

20:00 The Middle

The Final Final - Frankie, Mike and Brick notice a change for the better when the wrong address is painted on their curb; Axl misses his final test at college; Sue has a realization while talking to high school students about college life.

20:30 The Middle

Fight Or Flight - Frankie and Mike have different reactions when Axl tells them he plans to spend the summer in Europe; Sue panics when she doesn't hear back from the owner of an SUV she scrapes; Brick uncovers the source of his backaches.

21:00 Guy's Grocery Games

Supermarket Masters Tournament (Pt. 3)

22:00 The Spouse House

Shaking Things Up - Since the clock is ticking, the experts reveal multiple bombshells that impact all the remaining singles; Tracy and Scott are a bundle of nerves when they visit her brother.

23:00 Catfish

April & Dean - It's been seven years since April met Dean in a chat room at the age of thirteen. During that time, Dean would often disappear for months at a time. Now, Nev and Max must help April find Dean before he disappears again!

Tuesday September 26

00:00 Real Housewives of NYC

Reunion (Pt. 2) - Tinsley opens up about her traumatic relationship with her ex-husband; Carole reflects on her political aspirations; Sonja discusses her love triangle, which elicits shocking accusations from Dorinda; Bethenny reveals how she plans to move forward.

01:00 Ink, Paper, Scissors

In the Cross Hairs - After their recent blow out, Montana wages war against Ramsey by planning to open a rival salon in the same building. After Perry's Mother moves in with him, Perry has to come clean to her about his bisexuality.

02:00 Jane the Virgin

Chapter Fifty-Six - When Jane is offered a book deal, she thinks her prayers have been answered and debates quitting her awful publishing job. After suffering from panic attacks, Jane is ready to get to the root of the problem. Rogelio and Xo are working on fixing their friendship until Xo finds out that Rogelio has been lying to everyone all this time. Petra is running damage control on the Marbella's reputation after a grisly discovery is found on the property. Meanwhile, Rafael is ready to be involved again in the Mirabella and his first order of business is finding the perfect person to manage the hotel lounge.

03:00 Melissa & Joey

Toxic Parents - Mel and Joe realize their new flames are connected: They're a divorced couple. Elsewhere, Lennox is displeased when her boyfriend orders her not to get a tattoo; and Ryder misses being in school.

03:30 Melissa & Joey

Inside Job - Mel gets Joe a government job, but problems arise when Joe is caught in another financial scandal, putting Mel's career on the line. Elsewhere, Lennox must kiss an attractive classmate when she stars in the school play.

04:00 Baby Daddy

It's a Wonderful Emma - Ben gets in a bad mood as Christmas approaches, so he makes a wish that the holiday never existed. His wish is granted, but he's unprepared for the consequences: Emma's existence is erased and everyone's lives are on different courses.

04:30 Baby Daddy

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note - Ben tests Riley's feelings for Danny by writing a love note to him and forging Riley's signature on it. Meanwhile, Bonnie seeks to make a profit off of her wealthy son by selling Danny's Rangers memorabilia before he leaves town.

05:00 Ni Hao Kia Lan

05:30 Ni Hao Kia Lan

06:00 Mike the Knight

06:30 Mike the Knight

07:00 Paw Patrol

07:30 Paw Patrol

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Nella the Princess Knight

09:30 Tumble Leaf

10:00 Sofia the First

10:30 Sofia the First

11:00 Doc McStuffins

11:30 Doc McStuffins

12:00 Jake and the Never Land Pirates

12:30 Jake and the Never Land Pirates

13:00 Dinosaur Train

13:30 Dinosaur Train

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Pound Puppies

15:30 Spongebob Squarepants

16:00 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

16:30 Littlest Pet Shop

17:00 A.N.T. Farm

unwANTed - Chyna tries to cheer up Olive after Dixon breaks up with her.

17:30 I Didn't Do It

Food Fight - Jasmine's new babysitting job is complicated by her nine-year-old charge; Lindy's gig as the school's food critic seems exciting until she has a bad experience.

18:00 House of Anubis

18:30 House of Anubis

19:00 The Voice: The Blind Auditions (Pt. 1)

20:30 So You Think You Can Dance?

22:00 Teen Wolf

The Wolves War - Gerard initiates his final attack on the Supernaturals of Beacon Hills.

23:00 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Rule #155: Go With the Magician - Abby grapples with what to do about her father while making a last-ditch effort to salvage her professional relationship with Barbara; Jo makes an impulsive decision; Phoebe rents out her house, only to be shocked by who shows up on her doorstep.

Wednesday September 27

00:00 Real Housewives of Dallas

Walking in Memphis - Kameron presents a bright pink business idea to her very skeptical husband, while Cary and Stephanie embark on Brandi’s family trip to Memphis. LeeAnne is left behind and crushed to find she’s not as close to Brandi as she thought. Unexpected news from D’Andra’s stepson Keatin leaves her angry and confused. And Brandi begins to feel she’s taking a daring emotional chance, hoping Grandma will open the door after being estranged for so long.

01:00 WAGS LA

Set a Date or Die! - Nicole puts Natalie and Olivia's image issues to the test by arranging a semi-nude photo shoot; Barbie extends an olive branch, but ends up feeling disrespected by the cousins again; and Ashley and Dashon finally set a wedding date after 11 years together.

02:00 Reign

Bruises That Lie - Mary struggles to resist her feelings for Gideon as she works to align herself politically with potential allies. Elizabeth and Greer find themselves in similar heart-wrenching situations with the potential for very different outcomes. Catherine and Narcisse continue their vicious power struggle over the Regency, while Claude finds herself in the fight of her life on her wedding night.

03:00 Devious Maids

The Turning Point - Marisol struggles with Jesse being both her boyfriend and her employee; Zoila concocts a scheme to get her annoying sister to end her visit; Evelyn pursues her dream of adopting a child; Carmen gains traction in her singing career; Rosie grows suspicious of the Stappord's story about Katy.

04:00 Beauty and the Beast

Sins of the Fathers - Liam's history spurs Cat to dig into the Ellingsworth family's past; Vincent and Cat realize that they may need their secret weapon to defeat Liam; and JT develops a theory on how to save himself.

05:00 Blue's Clues

05:30 Blue's Clues

06:00 My Friend Tigger & Pooh

06:30 My Friend Tigger & Pooh

07:00 Play with Me Sesame

07:30 Play with Me Sesame

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Sofia the First

09:30 Wishenpoof!

10:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10:30 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

11:00 Sheriff Callie's Wild West

11:30 Sheriff Callie's Wild West

12:00 Guess How Much I Love You

12:30 Guess How Much I Love You

13:00 The Adventures of Paddington Bear

13:30 The Adventures of Paddington Bear

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Transformers Prime

15:30 Star Wars Rebels

16:30 Star vs. the Forces of Evil

17:00 Austin & Ally

Videos & Villains - Austin disappears before his performance on ""Video Countdown Live''; the group finds out that Brooke is holding him hostage until he writes her a song.

17:30 Lab Rats

Face Off - Bree attempts to play a prank on Adam but it goes wrong.

18:00 Good Luck Charlie

Futuredrama - Ten years in the future 14-year-old Charlie watches a video diary that Teddy made about a fight she had with Gabe.

18:30 Crash & Berstein

Comic Book Crash - Wyatt creates a comic book based on himself, family and friends, and it becomes a big hit at school. But Wyatt and Crash clash when they decide to turn the comic book into a movie.

19:00 The Voice: The Blind Auditions (Pt. 2)

20:00 This Is Us

21:00 If Loving You Is Wrong - A Difficult Path

22:00 If Loving You Is Wrong

Justice - Kelly finds herself in legal troubles that threaten her freedom; Randal continues to antagonize Brad and Marcie.

23:00 Real Housewives of Orange County

Drag Bingo Bombshell - Kelly suspects Shannon of being up to her old tricks; Meghan investigates Vicki's issues with Shannon and Tamra; the women attend a Drag Bingo event, during which Lydia faces a moral dilemma; Kelly and Meghan tear into old wounds.

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