AFN Family TV Schedule

AFN Family & AFN Pulse TV Schedule

The AFN family-oriented programming includes shows, cartoons, and movies. Daytime shows for toddlers and evening programs for teens.

Sunday April 22

18:00 America's Funniest Home Videos

19:00 The Paynes

A Confrontation of Payne - Curtis seeks retribution after he realizes that he was swindled; Ella has a change of heart after visiting the local church and meets a beautiful young woman in need.

19:30 Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse

The Misty Vine Hotel

20:00 Once Upon A Time: The Guardian

21:00 Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

All Roads Lead... - The team must find a way to stop Ruby before the prophesied chain reaction that can destroy Earth is put into motion.

22:00 Shadowhunters

Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen - After a devastating attack at The Institute, everyone is on high alert as the Shadowhunters close in on their hunt for Jonathan. Meanwhile, Simon and Maia help a new downworlder as the Seelie Queen demands an answer from Magnus and Luke.

23:00 Iyanla: Fix My Life - Broken Reality: Hazel E.

Monday April 23

00:00 Jersey Shore Family Vacation

What's In the Bag? / The Ring - After five years apart, our favorite guidos are reuniting in Miami for a family vacation, but The Situation's legal issues have put his vacation in jeopardy. Ronnie and Deena's unresolved issues resurface, and the family is complete with the arrival of The Situation.

02:00 The Vampire Diaries

Fade Into You - Caroline and Elena host Friendsgiving at the dorm and receive news about the Gemini Coven; Tyler tries to help Liv after she and Luke reveal some disturbing information about their witch lineage and the impending plans their coven has for them; Jo reveals some painful details about her past; and Kai makes a dangerous discovery that brings him one step closer to his release.

03:00 The Originals

Tangled Up in Blue - Klaus and Rebekah try to unravel Marcel's empire from within in spite of Elijah's concerns. Meanwhile, Marcel hosts a huge vampire party; and Hayley learns that the supernatural creatures of New Orleans are reacting to the existence of a hybrid baby.

04:00 The 100

Blood Must Have Blood (Pt. 1) - Clarke and Lexa prepare for battle. Later, Octavia and Lincoln are forced to make a difficult decision.

05:00 Blues Clues

05:30 Blues Clues

06:00 The Wonder Pets

06:30 The Wonder Pets

07:00 Play with Me Sesame

07:30 Play with Me Sesame

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 The Lion Guard

09:30 Top Wing

10:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10:30 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

11:00 Dora the Explorer

11:30 Dora the Explorer

12:00 Bubble Guppies

12:30 Bubble Guppies

13:00 Tickety Toc

13:30 Tickety Toc

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Phineas & Ferb

16:00 Looney Tunes Show

16:30 Wander Over Yonder

17:00 MasterChef Junior

Crackin' Under Pressure/A Can Do Attitude

19:00 Roseanne

Darlene v. David - David unexpectedly shows up for Harris' birthday after being absent for years, forcing Darlene to re-examine their relationship; Bev temporarily moves into the Conner home.

19:30 The Middle

The 200th - When Orson is named as one of the top 200 most livable cities in Indiana, Frankie is reminded that she has to come up with something to place in the time capsule that will be buried in the base of the newly rededicated Orson Cow. Meanwhile, when Bill Norwood informs Mike that he and Paula are separating, Mike is gobsmacked and starts to appreciate Frankie more; in order to win back Cindy, Brick must complete three acts of bravery for her; and Axl volunteers Sue to be his personal assistant to impress prospective employers.

20:00 Young Sheldon

Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple - When Sheldon is no longer academically challenged at Medford High, he audits a college class taught by Dr. John Sturgis.

20:30 Life In Pieces

Portrait Plagiarism Renter Scam - Jen is offered a custom painting as payment from a hot new artist, but doesn't like the final product; Sophia convinces Matt and Colleen to use her idea for a children's book; Tyler and Clementine advertise their tiny house as a rental property.

21:00 The Arrangement

On Location - While on location for "Technicolor Highway," Kyle and Megan clash over possible career choices that could impact their relationship.

22:00 Shark Tank

23:00 Meet the Peetes

The Guilt Trip - Despite landing her dream job in Vancouver, Holly's overwhelming mom guilt prevents her from enjoying the experience; Rodney and the boys embark on adventures in Canada; the Peetes offer hope and inspiration to families impacted by autism.

Tuesday April 24

00:00 Real Housewives of Atlanta

01:00 First Family of Hip Hop

Facing the Music - A big presentation looms for Leland as the Robinsons battle for the Sugarhill throne. Also, Rhondo and LeA make nice with Shanell but continue to doubt her sincerity; Shanell faces obstacles in her personal life; and Lelo's past catches up with him as he scrambles to prove himself to his father.

02:00 When Calls the Heart

Heart of a Hero - Abigail begins a romance with Frank as the townsfolk start to accept his redemption, but soon the residents of Hope Valley face a new threat when a gang of outlaws arrive.

03:00 Melissa & Joey

Game Night - Relationships fall apart during family game night.

03:30 Melissa & Joey

Be the Bigger Person - Mel is called a hypocrite by a voter who catches her chowing down on a unhealthy burger after she launches a nutritious-eating campaign.

04:00 Baby Daddy

All's Flair in Love and War - Danny plays matchmaker for Riley and his new roommate. Elsewhere, Tucker gets back together with an ex-girlfriend who dislikes Ben.

04:30 Baby Daddy

Test Anxiety - Riley admits she's been struggling to pass the bar exam, and Ben tells her not to give up. Meanwhile, Amy takes a pregnancy test; and Danny attempts to impress Amy's dad, but it's an uphill battle for him.

05:00 Ni Hao Kia Lan

05:30 Ni Hao Kia Lan

06:00 Mike the Knight

06:30 Mike the Knight

07:00 Paw Patrol

07:30 Paw Patrol

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Doc Mcstuffins

09:30 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

10:00 Sofia the First

10:30 Sofia the First

11:00 Doc McStuffins

11:30 Doc McStuffins

12:00 Jake and the Never Land Pirates

12:30 Jake and the Never Land Pirates

13:00 Babar and the Adventures of Badou

13:30 Babar and the Adventures of Badou

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Pound Puppies

15:30 Spongebob Squarepants

16:00 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

16:30 Littlest Pet Shop

17:00 A.N.T. Farm

restaurANTeur - Olive falls for a cute new chef; Lexi wants to be a singing waitress after she learns that several pop stars got their start that way.

17:30 I Didn't Do It

Earth Boys Are Icky - In an attempt to land herself an alien boyfriend, Delia creates a device to communicate with outer space; Logan's love life becomes complicated when he realizes his new girlfriend, Danica, is the vice principal's daughter.

18:00 House of Anubis

18:30 House of Anubis

19:00 The Voice

Top 12 Performance Show

21:00 The Resident

And the Nurses Get Screwed - When Nic finds herself under investigation in Lily's death, Conrad comes to her defense; Bell's patient accidentally catches fire; Devon deals with a series of ER patients, including a hypochondriac who he fears could end up under Lane's care.

22:00 Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid

Learning the Ropes - The models must conquer their fears as they navigate a difficult circus apparatus for a photo shoot; the teenagers must put everything they've learned into practice on a swim-wear shoot with celebrity photographer Jim Jordan.

23:00 Real Housewives of Atlanta

Wednesday April 25

00:00 Glam Masters

Time Travel - Four beauty influencers and makeup artists compete in challenges that put their imaginations and skills to the test to win a spot in the semifinals; from the Roaring '20s to the distant future, the contestants must prove their talent is timeless.

01:00 Famously Single

Do You Trust Me? - The celebrities are paired up and act as each other's dating coaches, which entails offering advice on what to wear, how to act and even what to say to their blind dates. While Aubrey has no problem letting her date know what's on her mind, Brandi encourages Josh to loosen up and have some fun. Elsewhere, Somaya talks to Dr. Darcy about why she prefers dating women.

02:00 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

F.Z.Z.T. - Agent Coulson and the team find themselves in danger while tracking an elusive killer.

03:00 Devious Maids

An Ideal Husband - Marisol engages in a new romance, and Zoila learns that Valentina is back from Africa. Meanwhile, Peri goes to great lengths to keep Spence and Rosie apart; Carmen and Alejandro settle into their fake relationship; and Adrian and Evelyn hire a handsome bodyguard.

04:00 Beauty and the Beast

Liar, Liar - Cat and Vincent track a mysterious beast. Meanwhile, Tess confronts Gabe.

05:00 Blue's Clues

05:30 Blue's Clues

06:00 My Friend Tigger & Pooh

06:30 My Friend Tigger & Pooh

07:00 Play with Me Sesame

07:30 Play with Me Sesame

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Mike the Knight

09:30 Wishenpoof!

10:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10:30 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

11:00 Sheriff Callie's Wild West

11:30 Sheriff Callie's Wild West

12:00 Guess How Much I Love You

12:30 Guess How Much I Love You

13:00 The Adventures of Paddington Bear

13:30 The Adventures of Paddington Bear

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Transformers Prime

15:30 Star Wars Rebels

16:00 Tai Chi Chasers

16:30 Star vs. the Forces of Evil

17:00 Austin & Ally

Partners & Parachutes - Ally decides to focus on her music career now that she's conquered her stage fright. Meanwhile, Austin becomes unsure about his friendship with Kira.

17:30 Lab Rats

Space Colony - Donald takes everyone for a visit to ""Davenportia,"" the first human space colony located on a remote planet in another galaxy.

18:30 Crash & Berstein

Undercover Crash - Crash steals items, but he doesn't realize it is wrong. When Wyatt finds out, he teaches Crash not to take things that don't belong to him.

19:00 The Voice: Top 12 Eliminations

20:00 The 100

Eden - Clarke struggles to survive on a desolate, scorched Earth while her friends in space come across a long-awaited beacon of hope.

21:00 For the People

Rahowa - The six lawyers are determined to bring home wins during their second round of cases; Jay must set aside his personal feelings when he defends a client who has controversial beliefs; Sandra's idealism leads to an important lesson from Ms. Krissman.

22:00 Teen Mom: That's A Wrap 2017

23:00 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Holy Schnitzel - A horseback ride through the German countryside takes a dangerous turn for Kyle and Lisa Rinna; the ladies get emotional while visiting the Eisenman Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall; the group spends the night dancing at a Berlin beer hall.

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