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23:00 The Five-Year Engagement

Prod Year 2012 - The team behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall reunite for another rocky comic romance with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as a couple who get engaged within a year of meeting but seem destined never to tie the knot. From career moves and cold feet to the psychology of doughnuts, this Judd Apatow production addresses grown-up issues with a rudely healthy sense of humour. Rhys Ifans leads the congregation of dearly beloved supporting characters gathered here today.

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Cars International Stuttgart

Buying a Car in Europe

U.S. Military personnel stationed in Europe have the opportunity to buy a new car at substantial rebates over prices in the United States. Benefits of military car sales programs include tax-free sales, fixed dollar prices and U.S specs.

Military sales program prices are fixed, so there is no time-wasting hassle, no need to bargain, no need to contact many different dealers to try to get the best price. No feeling that other customers might be getting a better price - everyone pays the same.

Staff working for the various military sales programs are specialists trained to give help and advice on all aspects of buying a U.S. spec car in Europe including help with home shipping and financing. more info


Concerts and Events

The inkwire guide to concerts and events in Germany, with contact info for tickets and reservations. Concerts

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126 Years - 1888 - 2014

Wiesbaden at its most romantic

Enjoy a unique experience – a ride on the Neroberg Mountain Railway, a historic monument! It is the oldest water ballast-driven cog-and-rack railway in Germany.

Since the service opened in 1888, Germany’s Year of the Three Emperors, the two original wagons – bearing Wiesbaden’s brightly coloured blue and yellow livery – have been rumbling up and down the Neroberg, Wiesbaden’s landmark mountain.

The ride along the viaduct to the upper station is like a journey back in time.

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The Wait Is Over!

Dealer Order Banks Now Open for All-New 2015 Ford Mustang
  • Ford dealers can now begin placing orders for the 2015 Mustang fastback

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Trans Global Worldwide Car Shipping


Greetings from the world's most famous "Cuckoo Clock".
The biggest and the only one of its kind. Now well over fifty years old it's one of the major tourist attractions in the Wiesbaden City Center.
Curious? Find out more . . .

Bavarian Motor Cars

HR Block International Tax Preparation Service

American Motors


Edelweiss Lodge and Resort Garmisch Patenkirchen